Flamin’ Fury® PF 1 (USPP #9129)
Early variety. Ripens 20 days before Redhaven. It is very prolific, so it needs to be trimmed and thinned hard. Properly thinned, 85% of the fruit will make 2 1/2" up. Good color, very resistant to bacterial spot and brown rot.

Flamin’ Fury® PF5B (USPP #9850)
Ripens five days after PF-1. Brilliant red color with yellow background. 90% red, good-sized, beautiful fruit. Crops well. Somewhat bacterial spot resistant.


Flamin Fury PF® 5D Big
Ripens 24 days before Redhaven. It’s large for such an early peach. It has exceptional 80% dark red color and excellent fruit quality. It is sweet and flavorful with split pits being minimal for such an early peach.


Flamin’ Fury® PF 7 (USPP #10490)
Ripens two weeks before Redhaven. It has large, 2 3/4" beautiful fruit, unblemished, with fewer split pits than any other peach in any season. Very firm, and bacterial spot has not been observed. A high quality, good sized, good colored peach for the early season. Hangs well on the tree.


Flamin Fury PF® 9A-007
Ripens with Redhaven and is a large, brilliantly colored freestone peach. The fruit is large with much of it over 3 ".


Flamin’ Fury® PF 15A (USPP #8978)
Ripens the end of the Redhaven season. This peach is very hardy and very prolific. It is classy with very good size ( 2 3/4" up), high color, excellent flavor, good firmness. It is bacterial spot resistant. 


Flamin’ Fury® PF 17 (USPP #8169)
Ripens 17 days after Redhaven. It is one of Flamin Fury’s oldest selections and has high quality, large fruit and particularly heavy yields. This peach has become a standard in the industry.


Flamin’ Fury® PF 19-007 (USPP #17598)
This peach variety ripens at the end of PF17 and just before PF-23.  A  beautiful, large (mostly 3") highly colored firm fruit and is bacterial spot resistant. It is very prolific. PF 19-007 blooms late. 


Flamin Fury PF® 23
Ripens 18 days after Redhaven. It is the first variety ever released by Paul Friday. It has become a standard in the industry. It’s been a continuous producer of very firm, highly colored, high quality peaches.


Flamin’Fury® PF24-007
All fruit is very large with good color. 70% red over yellow. Yields are very good. Hangs and ships well. Usually in two pickings.


Flamin’ Fury® PF 27A (USPP #9939)
Ripens around August 15th . It has very large (2 3/4" and 3"), firm, good colored fruit which produces big yields. This has been a favorite among many growers for several years for the later season. Very freestone and bacterial spot resistant.


Flamin Fury PF® 28-007
This freestone peach has been ripening about 32 days after Redhaven. It has good flavor and firmness. Bacterial spot resistant..


Flamin’ Fury® PF LUCKY13 (USPP #14384)
This very special peach variety ripens one week after Redhaven. It has huge yields of very classy, large (2 and 3/4" and bigger), extremely firm peaches. Fruit remains on the tree more than 10 days. Almost all of the fruit from this variety is No. 1 quality. The tree is spreading, and very productive with good resistance to bacterial spot.


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