Almond Rootstocks

Clonal Rootstocks

Krymsk® 86 (USPP# 16272)

Peach/Plum hybrid with amazing root strength and outstanding anchorage. Tree size similar to Lovell

with a wide spreading root system. Tolerant to wet and heavy soils. Cold hardy and tolerates high pH due to excess calcium. Unlike other rootstocks with plum genetics, Krymsk® 86 is compatible with Nonpareil. Most popular almond rootstock for the Sacramento Valley.

SG1™ is an advanced selection of Titan peach/almond hybrid with excellent vigor and Root knot Nematode resistance, well-anchored deep rooting, and drought tolerance. Clonal SG1™ provides better growth performance uniformity than seedling Titan Hybrid. SG1™  tolerates boron, high lime/high pH soils, and salinity. Like all peach-almond hybrids, best performance is on

well-drained soils.

Bright's Hybrid® 5 (USPP# 18782)

Bright's Hybrid (Selection 5) is an advanced selection of one of the most popular peach/almond hybrid rootstocks. It is vigorous, nematode resistant, deep rooting, well anchored, and drought tolerant. Needs deep well drained soil. This selection was a survivor in an orchard with high pH due to excess calcium. U.C. Trials shows Bright’s Hybrid® 5 to be one of the best rootstocks for replant sites.

Hansen 536
A University of California selection of peach/almond hybrid. A popular high vigor almond rootstock with good anchorage and found to be more tolerant of salinity, alkalinity and boron soils. Moderate resistant to Root-knot Nematodes, but not Phytophthora. Requires very well-drained soils. Hansen 536 is the most widely planted peach/almond hybrid rootstock for almonds in CA.

Empyrean® 1

(USPPAF)Empyrean® 1 is a peach hybrid with extraordinary vigor and salt tolerance. This rootstock has a lower chilling requirement than Hansen 536, making it useful in low chill conditions sometimes experienced in California. Bloom timing is similar to Hansen 536. The vigor of Empyrean® 1 results in quick space filling and rapid increases in production. High almond production in early years has not sacrificed nut size. Empyrean® 1 shows promise of being one of the best high yielding almond rootstocks available for well drained soils.


BB106® is a highly vigorous peach/almond hybrid that is Root knot Nematode resistant, deep rooting, well-anchored, and drought tolerant. It also provides more growth uniformity and performance than Bright’s Hybrid®. Most Notably tolerant of high lime/high pH soils, boron and salinity.

Rootpac®-R (USPP# 21,556)
Rootpac®-R is a plum-almond hybrid from Spain used as rootstock for plum, peach, nectarine and compatible with most almonds. Adapts well to heavy, wet and calcareous soils. Resistant to Root-knot Nematode and shows salt tolerance similar to peach-almond rootstocks like Hansen 536. Creates a

small stature almond tree and growers should tighten spacings when using Rootpac®-R.

Viking is an inter-specific hybrid that is vigorous, productive, early blooming and somewhat tolerant of

wet soil conditions. ‘Viking’ tolerates saline soil conditions, and alkaline soil conditions, but is intolerant

of dehydration during transplanting. It is also resistant to Root knot nematode and less susceptible to bacterial canker.    

Nickels is a vigorous peach/almond hybrid with very good anchorage. It has better adaptability than Hansen 536, but is moderately susceptible to wet soil. It is also susceptible to phytophthora and oak root fungus. It is resistant to root knot nematodes, but susceptible to Crown Gall.

Seeded Rootstocks

Titan Hybrid
Peach/almond hybrid. Excellent anchorage and vigor. Prefers sandy loam soil. Very large, vigorous trees. Very sensitive to wet soil conditions. Tolerates high lime/high pH soils, boron and salinity.

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