Sierra Gold Nurseries offers employment for all skill levels.
From Field Workers to Research Scientists.The Nursery is continuously recruiting talented individuals to help fulfill its mission to remain a leader in the development and production of quality fruit and nut trees.

Come Grow With Us!

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  • Paid Holidays

  • Competitive Salaries

  • Paid Time Off

  • Tuition Reimbursement

Our Benefits

  • Paid Internships



Interested in applying, or just want more information about an internship position? Please send inquiries and/or resume to

Sierra Gold Nurseries Internship Program offers hands-on experience in the field and lab, with mentorship from experienced professionals. Whether you want to grow your career in agriculture, business or science, we have great opportunities for emerging leaders!

Our objective is to provide an educational, paid internship experience, at the undergraduate level that is directly related to the students' goals and prepare the student for real world employment demands and responsibilities.

Our Internships are seasonal and usually last 2-3 months. We prefer full-time or full days. Not all positions are available depending on the season.

Season Calendar:

  • Summer = June to September

  • Fall = September to December

  • Spring = March to May

Internships & Full-Time Positions:

Breeding Program (Summer, Fall, Spring)
Assist our plant breeder in screening new selections for desirable traits.Plant seeds and propagate cuttings.Screen genetic material with our marker assisted breeding program.Carry out field trials for salinity, root strength, self-incompatibilty and others.

Plant Health Team (Summer, Spring)

Be part of our pest control team. Use IPM pest management and intensive agricultural practices to protect and maintain the health of our container, bareroot, and orchard crops.

Tissue Culture Lab/Research Lab (Fall)

Have you ever wanted to learn tissue culture? This is an exciting opportunity to gain real hands-on experience.Work with hard to grow species, learn cutting procedures, how to make medias, and how to conduct effective trials.Work on genetic fingerprinting and bioassays.

Acclimatization and Propagation Greenhouses (Summer, Spring)

Learn how to propagate and root woody plants.Learn about greenhouse manipulation, effective trials, sanitation, soil, fertilizer, IPM and tissue culture from the propagation standpoint.

Budwood and Production Orchards (Summer, Spring)

Work to catalogue and care for our thousands of different fruit and nut varieties.Work in our production orchards applying IPM principles.