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About Us


Sierra Gold Nurseries Founder, Walter Berg

Orchardists take enough risks when investing in a new permanent crop. Sierra Gold Nurseries helps to lessen that risk by providing the best trees money can buy. Top growers know that an orchard investment is a long-term investment – so, why not start with quality trees? And, we stand by our product. Just ask the grower who proudly displays our “Sierra Gold Trees” orchard sign next to their orchard! It’s truly a mark of quality.

Since 1951, our mission has been to provide orchardists throughout the western states with top quality fruit and nut trees and the best service in the industry. By combining the tried & true methods of the past with today’s technological advancements in precision agriculture, we’ve been perfecting our growing methods, our rootstock and budwood, and our finished tree quality for 70 years.

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About Us!

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