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Bareroot Trees

Sierra Gold Nurseries has been growing bareroot trees for 70 years. Bareroot tree production takes place in our nursery growing grounds alongside the Feather River in the fertile Sacramento Valley of Northern California. We go through several steps to ensure that our trees are grown at the highest quality.

Crop Rotation

After we harvest a crop of trees, we fallow that field for at least 2 years by growing a cover crop. In addition to helping control soil-born pest and disease, this crop also allows us to regenerate our soil by recycling the organic matter from the stubble back into the ground.


Pre-plant Soil Fumigation

Prior to planting a nursery crop, all of our growing grounds are professionally fumigated following strict CDFA protocols. In addition to our disciplined crop rotation, this investment helps give our tree roots a healthy and nematode-free soil environment to thrive in.

Tree Training

Our trees are really “handmade” in Sutter County. Growing trees requires dozens of critical time-sensitive steps and intensive hand labor that our employees are dedicated to doing.



Harvesting Budwood

From the time the budwood stick is cut from the tree source, proper care and handling is maintained to keep the material cool and fresh.



Field Budding and grafting is performed by our highly skilled employees. They use techniques that require intensive hand labor that joins the scion and the rootstock in order to make a finished tree.


Color Codes

To ensure tracking of our trees, we paint each tree with a color code that identifies the rootstock and the variety. We currently have over 400 color code paint combinations.


Grading for Uniformity

Our experienced tree graders grade each tree by caliper and are then sorted into bundles by variety and rootstock.


On-Site Cold Storage

We are one of the only Nurseries that have our own on-site Cold Storage facility. After grading is completed, we store the trees in our 28,200 sq. ft. cold storage and maintain a temperature of 36-38 degrees.



We have an elite shipping team dedicated in making sure your deliveries are an easy part of your planting experience. Our professional drivers take pride in delivering trees directly to your orchard or commercial cold storage. Call us at 530.674.1145 to schedule your delivery today.

Certified Nursery Stock

Sierra Gold maintains its own registered blocks of propogation material where we harvest the virus tested material that becomes our rootstock and budwood.

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