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Apple Tree Varieties

Aztec Fuji® DT-2 cv

Outstanding and consistent red blush coloring. Sweet, juicy flavor of traditional Fuji. Tree is healthy and vigorous. Harvests late season with standard Fuji. 

Crimson Gold Crabapple
Early to Mid-season pollinizer. Upright and strong growing. It has a good annual bloom.


​Firestorm™ Honeycrisp (USPPA)

This blush strain has higher color that the original honeycrisp.


Foxtrot™ Gala (USPP# 24664)

Is a new and distinct variety of 'Gala'-type apple trees. It was first selected for its intense red fruit. It is distinguished from other Gala varieties by its large, intense red early-maturing fruit and its exceptional flavor.


Granny Smith
Very large, round to slightly conical green fruit. Excellent tart flavor. Flesh is white with texture that is fine grained and firm. A good all-purpose apple with excellent storage life. Bruise resistant. Tree is an annual bearer, strong, very vigorous, upright and spreading. Harvest in late September to early October. Pollinizer recommended.


Skin is two-thirds mottled red over a yellow background. The flesh is cream-colored with exceptionally crisp and juicy texture, sub-acid flavor and mild aroma. A high-quality apple which keeps well for 5-6 months in common storage. Tree is vigorous and hardy.


Indian Summer Crabapple

Low maintenance. Fruit is showy and edible. Blooms with King Bloom of Red Delicious apple tree. Bright red color. Excellent disease resistance. Abundant pink flowers with extended blooming period. 

Newtown Pippin
Medium size apple. Fruit is green and yellow skinned with a reddish blush. Usually russeted around the stem. Rich, aromatic, crisp, creamy yellow flesh. High quality. Excellent dessert and processing apple. Very good for cider. Great keeper; develops full sugar and rich flavor in March. Large trees have a strong, very vigorous growth habit, but tend to winter freeze. Self fertile and alternate bearing.

Pink Lady® Cripps Pink cv

Attractive pink blush over a yellow undertone. The fruit often displays ribbing or a bumpy skin, but remains appealing to consumers even so. Medium to large-sized and oblong, the fruit has a crisp texture and dense, cream-colored flesh. The flavor is tart-sweet with an excellent sugar to acid balance. Full flavor is developed after about four weeks in storage and the storage life is long. The tree is vigorous with large leaves. Matures later than most varieties.


Aromatic with a pleasing flavor, this chance seedling from British Columbia is fast becoming a breakout variety for growers. Fruit is medium to large with a creamy yellow background and pink blush on the sun-exposed side. Fruit is sweet and juicy.

Buckeye® Gala Simmons cv

This Gala sport starts coloring a month earlier than its parent, Imperial Gala. Buckeye® develops color well through summer heat, and the fruit finishes with a bright, 90%-100% full red color. The fruit flavor, texture, size and handling qualities remain the same as its parent.

Buckeye® Prime (USPP# 24639)

Buckeye® Prime is a beautiful mutation of the original Buckeye® gala with a brighter cherry red color and much heavier striping. Buckeye® Prime retains the original Buckeye ability to color in hot climates. It is virtually 100% red with a bold darker red stripe and the same ability as its parent to produce high quality, beautiful apples.

Ludacrisp™  (MAIA-L cv. USPP# 30,472)

Open-pollinating Honeycrisp. Harvest three weeks after Golden Delicious. Observations from test orchards show no instances of fireblight, apple scab, or powdery mildew, fruit does not drop, complex tropical fruit flavor with sugar-acid balance, crisp texture (pressure 14-16 lbs), maintains texture and flavor for 20+ weeks in normal storage.

Pink Lady® PLBARB1 (Barnsby) cv (USPP# 21606)
Pink Lady® PLBARB1 cv. (Also known as Barnsby cv.) is a sport of Cripps Pink cv. that ripens 3-4 weeks earlier than its parent variety. While retaining the same sweet / tart flavor as Cripps Pink cv., the acidity levels in Pink Lady® PLBARB1 cv. are much less at the time of harvest allowing for the apples to be eaten directly off of the tree. PLBARB1 cv. must be sold under the Pink Lady® brand name.


Pink Lady® Ruby Pink cv (USPP# 16725)
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink cv. is a high coloring sport of the original Cripps Pink cv. The apples develop 85-100% full pink color at the time of maturity and produces excellent yields. Pink Lady® Ruby Pink cv. has tested to show little to no internal browning after long term storage. Ruby Pink cv. must be sold under the Pink Lady® brand name.

Rosalee® MAIA-11 cv (USPP# 29146)

This Honeycrisp/Fuji mix harvests one week after Golden Delicious. Test orchards show long harvest and storage windows, fruit does not drop, crispy texture (pressure 13-16 lbs), medium sized fruit (2.75 in – 3.24 in), and sets multiple fruit per spur. Is susceptible to fire blight, recommended that it is grown on a blight resistant rootstock. Skin-cracking can lead to summer and/or storage rots.

RubyMac®  (USPP# 19891)

RubyMac® is a completely red, blushed Mac. It has no tendency to stripe and colors to a bright, ruby red finish on virtually the entire apple. RubyMac® has outstanding firmness, drop resistance, and a vibrantly beautiful color and finish. This variety consistently delivers a high pack-out.

Summerset™ MAIA-12 cv (USPP# 29213 P2)
This Honeycrisp/Fuji mix harvest with honeycrisp. Matures late August to early September. Test orchards show long harvest and storage windows compared to other late summer varieties, easier to consistently produce than Honeycrisp, regular shape, large-sized fruit (3 in to 3.5+in), modest tendency toward biennial bearing, easily thins to one fruit per spur, fireblight susceptibility but not mortality.

Sweet Zinger™ MAIA-Z cv (USPP# 30,059)

This Goldrush and Sweet 16 mix shows a long harvest window and non-dropping fruit. No instances of fire blight, apple scab, or powdery mildew observed. Maintains texture and flavor for 15+ weeks in normal storage, crisp texture (pressure 14-16 lbs), tender skin with short stem, coloration can vary based on site  and weather, branches freely, easy to maintain close spacing.

Wildfire™ Gala  (USPP# 28721)
Discovered in Royal City, WA, Wildfire™ Gala is under license by Helios Nursery. This is the earliest maturing Gala we market. The fruit harvests three weeks before Simmons Cltv. and finishes with a bright, cherry red color. Fruit size is small to medium. The tree vigor is less than standard Gala.

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