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Apricot Tree Rootstock

Krymsk® 86 (USPP# 16272) 
Peach/plum hybrid. Tree size similar to Lovell. Tolerant to wet and heavy soils. Cold hardy and high PH tolerance.

Increases fruit size and yield with strong root system. Performs well on replant sites.

M40 Marianna

It has been observed that Marianna M40 has good wet soil tolerance, with the potential for better anchorage and reduced sucker production. The M40 may eventually displace 26-24 and other plum rootstocks. 

Induces early bearing, tolerant of wet soil conditions, resists root knot nematode, advances maturity and increases size and sugar content of fruit.

Contoller 6

Controller 6 is a peach rootstock with medium vigor. It has moderate resistance to root knot nematode, low suckering, size control ability, and less wood from dormant and summer pruning.  

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