Pear Varieties

Leading pear for canning and fresh market sales. Large, golden yellow fruit with a slight blush. Smooth, juicy, tender white flesh. Partially self-fruitful. 

Hailey Red™(c.LT1)
A sport of the Bartlett pear, Hailey Red is the best Red Bartlett discovered to date. It is just like the Bartlett, except it has an exceptional red color. It ripens the same time as the Bartlett. It is very juicy with white flesh. It does not need a pollinizer. Storage life is better than Bartlett, and holds red color better than other red pear varieties.


Noble Russet® Bosc
This very smooth russet Bosc pear begins to russet the first of July, increasing to an almost solid russet by harvest. Fruit size and shape is similar to standard Bosc.

Flesh is yellowish-white, tender, aromatic, juicy and smooth-textured. Flavor is rich and sweet. Stores well. Excellent for canning, baking and eating fresh. Requires a pollinizer.

Large yellow fruit. Excellent dessert-quality pear. Flesh is tender with excellent flavor. Skin color is yellow with a slight blush. Best used fresh. Tree is large, upright and vigorous. Needs a pollinizer.

A leading variety of Winter pear. Medium to large fruit size, round with a short neck. Yellow to russetted yellow. Mild, fine-textured, melting white flesh with a delicate aroma. Large tree is vigorous, hardy and very productive and requires a pollinizer.

Golden Russet Bosc (USPP# 5243) 
A beautiful Bosc pear that has a very smooth russeted finish. Fruit quality and tree characteristics are the same as a regular Bosc pear. Recommended for best cross pollination with Bartlett. The fruit is long and symmetrical with a uniform, golden russet overlaying yellowish-white flesh. It matures about the same time as Anjou. The trees are large and vigorous and require cross pollination.


Columbia Red D’ Anjou
This sport of the commercially important D’ Anjou is similar to its parent in shape, flesh-coloring, texture and flavor; however, the fruit’s skin has a deep red surface color.

Red Clapp

Mutation of Original Clapp's Favorite. Ripens 10 days before Bartlett. Skin is red; white flesh. Medium to large size fruit. Fine, good quality texture. Tree is vigorous, productive. Susceptible to firebright. 


Sanguinole Pear

Skin is maroon-red, red flesh is transparent. Semi-breaking, juicy, semi-fine texture. Musky, acidic flavor. Does not keep. Medium-sized fruit. Ripens late August. 


Summer Blood Birne

Ripens early August. Red flesh. Juicy texture. Cinnamon-like flavor. Ancient cultivar. 



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