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Walnut Tree Rootstocks



RX1 (USPP# 20649)

An advanced selection of paradox hybrid (Juglans microcarpa x Juglans regia). Selected for its resistance to Phytophthora and good survivability. Most adaptable rootstock, largest tree and highest yield in replicated trials. Shows some evidence of resistance to crown gall. 


VX211 (USPP# 21179)

An advanced selection of paradox hybrid (Juglans hindsii x Juglans regia). Selected for its root lesion nematode tolerance and vigor. This selection also has moderate resistance to Phytophthora and survives well in field tests. 


A commercial standard Paradox rootstock, (J.hindsii x J.regia) grown by micro-propagation, which originated from a vigorous Paradox tree in Stanislaus County.

Grizzly (USPP #16/350,240)

A new, interesting clonal walnut rootstock selected from a superior performing tree in a replant walnut orchard. The tree has been observed with a variety on it for over 20 years. Excellent size and vigor in a challenged planting site. Limited nursery production at this time.

100% Clonal Rootstocks

Video - Walnut Rootstock Trials

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