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Cherry Tree Rootstock

Krymsk® 5 (USPP# 15273)

Reduces tree size by 20% to 30% compared to those grown on Mazzard. Non-suckering trees. The rootstock is precocious and compatible

with all cherries. Sensitive to Prunus ringspot & Prunus dwarf virus. 


Krymsk® 6 (USPP# 16114)

Reduces tree size by 20% to 30% compared to those grown on Mazzard. Tolerant to water stress and easy to propagate by softwood cuttings.

Sensitive to Prunus ringspot & Prunus dwarf virus.

Krymsk® 7

Krymsk® 7 is a unique rootstock for sweet cherry. It is similar to Mahaleb in terms of vigor and precocity, but is more tolerant of soil

moisture extremes. It is also cold hardy, stress tolerant, and can adapt to a wide range of soil and growing conditions


Gisela® 3 (USPP# 16173)

The most dwarfing in the Gisela series of rootstocks, it is about 30-35% of Mazzard at maturity. It is widely adapted to soil types

and very precocious. This rootstock promotes vigorous growth the first year or two and then slows once fruiting starts. Great for

growing under tunnels and super-high density plantings.

Gisela® 5 

45% to 50% the size of Mazzard, Gisela 5 is very precocious with good winter hardiness. Gisela 5 must have good fertile soils and supplemental irrigation. Excellent for low-productive varieties. Well suited for pedestrian orchards and under tunnels as well as

super high density plantings. Anchorage is adequate.


Gisela® 6

A semi-dwarf rootstock that produces a tree slightly smaller than Mazzard, roughly 80%. It is well suited for heavy soil types. The

tree structure is very open and round and very precocious despite its vigor. It appears tolerant to many cherry viruses and is not

prone to suckering. Anchors well, but may need support due to its precocious nature.

Gisela® 12 

A precocious, semi-dwarf rootstock that produces a tree roughly 100% of Mazzard. Very precocious and productive. It has good

virus resistance and no suckering problems. Well anchored, but may require support.

Performer Mahaleb

A clonal selection of Mahaleb thought to be more tolerant of phytophthora than seedling Mahaleb and possibly slightly more




Good anchorage and vigor. Heavier soils okay. Clay loam. Very vigorous, smaller than Mazzard. Not cold hardy.

Maxma® 14

Maxma® 14 is a Mazzard-Mahaleb hybrid with it's vigor rating 20-25% more dwarfing than Mahaleb. It is precocious, productive,

tolerant to wet soils, and is resistant to iron chlorosis.  



Excellent anchorage. Deeper roots than Mazzard. Good vigor. Light sandy loam cannot tolerate poor drainage or heavy soils.

Trees may be slightly smaller, comes into bearing sooner, and heavier fruit set than Mazzard.


Excellent anchorage. Many shallow roots may become injured by deep cultivation and drought. Sandy loam to loam. More

tolerant of heavy soils. Makes a very large tree. Cold hardy. Has root suckers. Common rootstock for cherry trees in

Washington State.





Clonal Rootstocks

Seeded Rootstocks

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