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Lemon Tree

Citrus Tree Varieties

8A Lisbon Lemon

One of the most widely-grown lemons in California. Trees grow vigorously into large, thorny, upright but spreading. Produces several crops per year, but the main crop is winter and early spring.

Improved Meyer lemon

A California favorite! Very juicy and less tart than the Eureka or Lisbon lemon. Bears nearly year-round but heaviest in the winter. Self fertile and hardy.

Cara Cara Orange

While they look like a typical navel orange on the outside, these have a beautiful rosey orange flesh! Seedless, juicy, and deliciously sweet. Peak season between December and April.

Parent Washington Orange

Known as the “Washington” Navel Orange. Exceptionally delicious, seedless, and easy to peel. Prime harvest November to January.

Nules Clementine

Produces small to medium seedless fruit with a thin rind. Classically sweet in taste. High quality, hangs well. Ripe through October to December.

Tango Mandarin

Deep orange fruit that are medium sized and easy to peel. Sweet flavor and seedless. Vigorous with long hang time. Matures in late winter and continues to produce into spring.

Frost Owari Mandarin

Produces bright orange, seedless fruit with a thin rind. Trees are cold-hardy, small in size with a spreading character. Harvest season is October to December.

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