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Cling Peach Varieties

Baby Gold #5 (Early)

Most commonly used for canning and freezing. Good sized fruit. Yellow color with slight reddening around the pit. Tree is a vigorous and upright grower. 

Baby Gold #7 (Early)

Non-melting flesh. Predominantly used for processing. 


Carson (Extra Early)
Has excellent color, good firmness and size. Somewhat prone to invisible split pits. Produces heavy for an early variety. 


Loadel (Extra Early) 
A high quality canning peach. Firm, excellent color, exhibits uniform ripening. Sizes well for an extra early. 


Stanislaus (Extra Early)
The Stanislaus peach is an extra early cling developed by Zaiger's Genetics. It matures with or slightly ahead of Carson but with better fruit quality. The tree is very vigorous and productive. 


Kader (USPP# 26871) (Extra Early)
Fruit ripens in the extra-early harvest season between Carson and Bowen but with flesh color, firmness, and sizing potential comparable to Andross. Fruit pit is medium to small in size and is free from red-staining at maturity. Fruit ripens evenly and will hold on the tree for a week or more, facilitating harvesting. The tree shows medium vigor with a semi-upright to spreading growth habit. 


Andross (Early) 
The fruit has a medium red blush and an excellent harvest color. It is medium to large in size. The pit is pink to slight red. Flesh is clear yellow with superior flavor. High producing variety. Excellent canning peach. Characterized by it's good size and color. 

Bowen (Early) 
Medium to large size fruit has a very slight blush and an excellent harvest color. The pit is brown and appears to be of normal size and shape. The flesh is a clear yellow, with perhaps a shade of orange when fully ripe. Produces fruit of good size, weak color. Trees are large, spreading, similar to Loadel. 


Goodwin (USPP# 13911) (Early)
Fruit is medium size, being slightly angular to round in shape and with a slight fruit tip. Flesh is bright yellow to yellow-gold. Fruit skin is slightly less fuzzy than Andross. Pit is small to medium size.

Vilmos (Early)

Fruit is medium size and will hold on the tree for more than a week, allowing a delayed harvest. Size and color are similar to Andross or Ross. Trees are productive. 


Dr.Davis (Late)
Heavy-yielding cling. Fruit is large, orange buff skin with a red blush. Stores well in cold storage. Trees are vigorous and upright.


Halford (Late) 
Old standby with consistent heavy production. A very good canning peach, ripens uniformly. Fruit is large and firm, yellow fleshed, non-melting clingstone. Tree is vigorous, large, semi-upright to spreading. Requires 800 hours of chilling. 

Late Ross (Late)
Identical to the Ross with the exception of the ripening date. Ripens 5-7 days later than Ross. Fruit displays good shape, size, firmness and color.

Lilleland (USPP# 13028) (Late) 
Fruit has good symmetry and is similar in size to Halford. Flesh is bright yellow and firmer than Halford. Fruit, flesh color, and texture rated superior to Halford by growers. Fruit skin is less fuzzy than Halford with a more uniform yellow-gold color.


Monaco (Late) 
Good color, firmness and size. A consistent producer. The fruit has yellow flesh and resembles Halford. Tree is large, semi-upright to spreading. 

Ross (Late) 
A regular, highly productive bearer of large, uniform fruit. Yellow skin with a red blush and moderately firm, non-melting light orange-yellow flesh.

Starn (Extra Late) 
Large, uniform fruit with good color and firmness; sizes well with minimal thinning consistently productive tree; most popular extra-late season cling variety.


Sullivan #4: (Extra Late)  
Medium to large, semi-upright tree. Good production; ripens uniformly. 

The fruit has a medium red blush and a harvest yellow color. Tree size is medium to large and semi-upright. It is somewhat weak in color and firmness. The pit is brown and the flesh is clear yellow. Displays some uniformity in ripening.


Cling Peach Harvest Dates
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