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Freestone Peach Varieties

Allstar ® 

Matures between Loring and Cresthaven with a beautiful 90 to 100% bright red skin color with clear, non-browning, yellow

flesh. The peach is very large and firm with good shipping and storage qualities. It will keep for several weeks in the cooler. Allstar ® has a medium-size, stocky tree with a spurring character. The fruit and the tree are very resistant to bacterial spot.


Popular variety because of its good shipping qualities. It is a large, firm peach. Fruit is bright red (90%) over a yellow undercolor. It is mild and low in acid content. Vigorous tree. Usually bears by the third or fourth season. Ripens just after Elberta. Good for drying.


Considered one of the best white peaches. It is a medium sized peach - freestone, with a red blush and nice white flesh. Babcock is perfect for mild climates because it has a low chill requirement at 250-300 hours. This peach is low in acid, and quite nice eating! 



A round, very firm fleshed peach that ripens at the end of the Redhaven season. It is 90% solid blazing red with delicious, non-browning, yellow flesh. The fruit is freestone, sizes well with a small pit, picks dry without tearing and has good shipping qualities. The Blazingstar® tree is hardy, upright, spreading and strong with an excellent cropping history. This new extension to Redhaven season is resistant to bacterial spot and has great bud hardiness, assuring annual cropping.


An incredible new high-quality white peach that ships and stores very well. It colors about 80% deep pinkish-red with a white ground color and averages 2 3/4 ". It has the unique wonderful distinctive flavor of a white peach plus a penetrating, pleasing aroma. The flesh is white, tinged with pink and does not brown when cut. Blushingstar is completely freestone and ripens with Cresthaven. It sets very heavy crops and early, diligent thinning is a must. The tree is consistently heavy producing, very hardy and open growing with good resistance to bacterial spot.



Ripens 12 days before Redhaven. Attractive, red color. Medium size fruit. Semi-freestone quality, but some years might be

free. Self-fertile. Thin early and heavily for size. Bacterial spot tolerant. Tree spreading habit, average vigor, early to bear,

very productive. Sweet and juicy.


Bounty was developed at the USDA peach breeding program at Kearneysville, WV. The fruit is very large and freestone with exceptional quality. The trees are vigorous, very productive and resistant to bacterial spot. Ripens late summer.


A high quality, freestone variety ripening in the Loring season. Fruit is very firm, large, with excellent color. The trees are

hardy and very productive. Ripens late summer.



A large, beautiful, freestone peach with 80% coral red fruit that matures with Loring. The flesh is firm and clear with wonderful flavor. Coralstar® holds well on the tree and in the cooler and does not brown when cut. Its size and quality make it a star for local sale or shipping. It ripens with multiple pickings over a long period and will produce heavy tonnage per acre. The tree is hardy and resistant to bacterial spot.

Fruit is uniform, medium to large in size, nearly round, golden yellow with a bright red blush. Firm, juicy, clear, bright yellow freestone flesh. Good canner, freezer and shipper. Tends to overset. Fair tolerance to bacterial spot. Ripens three days after Elberta. Above average bud hardiness.


Desert Gold 

Heat tolerant. Yellow color. Medium size fruit. Ripens in early July. Sweet taste and firm texture. Good for warm weather.

Semi-freestone. Self-pollinating.


Peach is a yellow semi-freestone. It is very early ripening, and has a low chil requirement - around 300 hours. Great peach to grow in regions with a very hot summer.



Medium size fruit. Highly colored red skin with some red flesh. Semi-clingstone. Balanced sweet and tart flavor. Harvests in mid-July. Firm texture. Tree is very productive requiring heavy thinning. Resistant to bacterial spot. 

Elegant Lady
Ripens mid-July, a few days after Flamecrest. Fruit is of large size, firm and good flavor. Skin is a bright red. An excellent producer and excellent shipping peach.



Typically used for canning. Large fruit size. Skin is yellow with crimson blush;yellow flesh. Juicy, firm texture. High quality.

Great for desserts, canning, freezing, and jam. Excellent shipping qualities. Vigorous, compact, self-fruitful tree. Excellent pollinizer. Ripens late July to early August. 

Fay Elberta
Large, yellow skin freestone with little red blush, that has fairly good shape and good flavor. Flesh is yellow, fine-grained with good firmness. Similar to Elberta, but blooms earlier and ripens 1 to 6 days after Elberta. A shipping and canning variety for California.



Ripens late September to early October. Very large fruit size. Skin is yellow with bright red blush and little fuzz; smooth,

yellow freestone flesh. Vigorous and productive tree. 


Large size fruit. Skin is bright yellow with bright red flush and little fuzz; firm, smooth, yellow, freestone flesh. Ideal for canning and freezing. Tree is vigorous, self-fertile,productive. Ripens approximately 28 days after Redhaven. 


This semi-freestone peach has great flavor and a yellow flesh. Great for fresh eating or in cooking and canning. Durable tree with leaf curl resistance. Ripens mid-season.

PF 1 
Early variety. Ripens 20 days before Redhaven. It is very prolific, so it needs to be trimmed and thinned hard. Properly

thinned, 85% of the fruit will make 2 1/2" up. Good color, very resistant to bacterial spot and brown rot.

PF 5B 
Ripens five days after PF-1. Brilliant red color with yellow background. 90% red, good-sized, beautiful fruit. Crops well. Somewhat bacterial spot resistant.


PF 5D Big (USPP# 17,543)

Ripens two weeks before Redhaven. It has large, 2 3/4'' beautiful fruit, unblemished, with fewer split pits than any other peach in any season. Very firm, and bacterial spot has not been observed. A high quality, good sized, good colored peach for the

early season. Hangs well on the tree.


PF 7 
Ripens two weeks before Redhaven. It has large, 2 3/4" beautiful fruit, unblemished, with fewer split pits than any other peach in any season. Very firm, and bacterial spot has not been observed. A high quality, good sized, good colored peach for the

early season. Hangs well on the tree.


PF 9A-007 (USPP# 15498)
Ripens with Redhaven and is a large, brilliantly colored freestone peach. The fruit is large with much of it over 3 ".

PF 15A 
Ripens the end of the Redhaven season. This peach is very hardy and very prolific. It is classy with very good size ( 2 3/4" up), high color, excellent flavor, good firmness. It is bacterial spot resistant. 

PF 17 
Ripens 17 days after Redhaven. It is one of Flamin Fury’s oldest selections and has high quality, large fruit and particularly heavy yields. This peach has become a standard in the industry.


PF 19-007 (USPP#17598)
This peach variety ripens at the end of PF17 and just before PF-23.  A  beautiful, large (mostly 3") highly colored firm fruit

and is bacterial spot resistant. It is very prolific. PF 19-007 blooms late. 

PF 23
Ripens 18 days after Redhaven. It is the first variety ever released by Paul Friday. It has become a standard in the industry.

It’s been a continuous producer of very firm, highly colored, high quality peaches.

PF 24-007 
All fruit is very large with good color. 70% red over yellow. Yields are very good. Hangs and ships well. Usually in two


PF 27A 
Ripens around August 15th . It has very large (2 3/4" and 3"), firm, good colored fruit which produces big yields. This has

been a favorite among many growers for several years for the later season. Very freestone and bacterial spot resistant.


PF 28-007 (USPPAF)
This freestone peach has been ripening about 32 days after Redhaven. It has good flavor and firmness. Bacterial spot resistant..


PF LUCKY 13 (USPP# 14384)
This very special peach variety ripens one week after Redhaven. It has huge yields of very classy, large (2 and 3/4" and bigger), extremely firm peaches. Fruit remains on the tree more than 10 days. Almost all of the fruit from this variety is No. 1 quality. The tree is spreading, and very productive with good resistance to bacterial spot.

PF 8 Ball™ 

Spreading growth, productive trees. Large (2 and 3/4"). Firm texture. Dark red skin overlying yellow maturity. Good taste, quality, and shelf life. 

PF Big George 

Ripens 7-8 weeks after Redhaven. Large fruit size. Firm texture. 50-80% dark red over yellow background; light yellow flesh. Great flavor. Requires minimum thinning. Resistant to bacterial leaf spot. 

PF 22-007 

Firm fruit with resilient texture. Ripens 20 days after Redhaven. Skin is smooth and is of dark red color over 80% of its surface. Yellow flesh with red patches. Good storage and shelf life. 

PF 35-007 Fat Lady

Large ( 2 and 3/4" and 3") size. Ripens 40 days after Redhaven. Tree is of average height, upward growth, productive. Firm

and resilient flesh texture. Skin of dark red color with yellow background covering 15% of surface. Good taste, storage, shelf life. 

PF Lucky 24B 

Ripens 24 days after Redhaven. Thin early for size. Bacterial spot tolerant. Large fruit size. Tree spreading habit, average

vigor, early to bear, very productive. Sweet and very juicy. 

PF 24C Cold Hardy

Cold hardy, frost resistant. Large size, freestone. Sweet flavor, very juicy texture. Self-fertile, thin early for size. Bacterial spot tolerant. Tree is very productive, spreading habit, average vigor, early to bear. Harvests mid-season. 


PF 25

Tree is above average height, grows upright, and is productive. Very firm and resilient texture. Skin is light red overlying

yellow which covers approximately 30% of surface. Good taste, storage, and shelf life. Medium size fruit. 

Ripens around the same time as Redhaven. Fruit is large, round, semi-freestone with a yellow flesh that is exceptionally firm, smooth-textured and highly-flavored. The exterior color is bright red over a bright yellow ground color. Appears to be winter

bud hardy. Heavy fruit set. Good shipper.


Forty Niner
Large size fruit, skin is brightly blushed over yellow ground color that is very attractive. Flesh is yellow with excellent quality.

It is a freestone ripening one week before J.H. Hale and Elberta. It resembles J.H. Hale.


Galaxy Donut
A donut peach is a natural genetic mutation where the shape of the fruit is naturally flat (donut shaped) rather than round.

They may have yellow flesh or white flesh. The flesh texture may be melting or non-melting. The pit inside the donut peach

also has a different shape than a traditional peach pit. Ripens early to mid-summer.

Garnet Beauty
Medium to large, slightly elongated, almost fuzzless, red fruit, similar to its parent, Redhaven. Firm, yellow, semi-freestone

flesh streaked with red. Smooth fine texture. It is good for canning and freezing. Ripens 30-32 days before Elberta; 8-10 days before Redhaven. Quite bud hardy to cold temperatures.


Giant Babcock (White)
White medium size fruit with a red blush, with almost fuzzless skin and white flesh. Flesh is tender, very juicy and sweet,

semi-freestone flesh turns red around the pit with good quality, aromatic flavor. It is mild, with low acid. Ripens two weeks before Elberta. 

Gleason Elberta

Medium to large size fruit; oblong. Skin is bright gold with little or no red blush; flesh is yellow with no red around pit.

Freestone. Firm texture, excellent quality. Great for canning, fresh use, and freezing. 

Large nearly round, attractive yellow freestone fruit. Very tough, mostly red skin is practically fuzzless with a deep yellow

ground color. Firm yellow flesh is resistant to browning. Superior canning and freezing qualities. Tree is vigorous and productive. Excellent quality for fresh market and commercial processing. Keeps and ships very well. 



Matures in early Cresthaven season. It is a large uniform ripening peach that is 70% bright red with a yellow background. The fruit is firm, yellow and non-browning, with excellent shipping qualities and it stores well in the cooler. Glowingstar® is completely freestone and hangs well on the tree even when it is completely ripe. The tree is strong, vigorous and resistant to bacterial spot.

J.H. Hale
Old variety; still one of the best. Exceptionally large, round, uniform, freestone fruit is golden yellow overlaid with carmine.

Skin is smooth and almost fuzzless. Firm, fine-grained, deep yellow flesh is free from stringiness and has delicious flavor.

Good for home canning and fresh use; outstanding handling and shipping peach. Hangs well; excellent keeper. Requires pollination. Pollinate with Rio Oso Gem. Consistent producer; requires good soil. Ripens a few days before or with Elberta. Winter tender.


July Elberta 

Known for having the smallest pit-to-fruit ratio. Skin is bright red with yellow flesh. Fine-grained, succulent texture. Sweet

flavor. Heat-tolerant. Freestone. Self-pollinating. Ripens in late July. 

A large, firm, yellow fleshed freestone with attractive red color over a yellow ground color. Loring has been an important commercial peach variety for many years and is considered one of the best canning and freezing varieties. The trees are vigorous, productive and resistant to bacterial spot. Ripens late summer.



Medium to large size fruit. Skin is cream colored with dark pink blush; flesh is white. Flesh has great taste, aroma, and texture. Susceptible to bruising when ripe. Tree is self-fertile, exceptionally vigorous, has dense foliage, and above average frost hardiness. Susceptible to peach leaf curl, brown rot. Ripens 22 days before Elberta. 

Freestone with yellow flesh. Has all the qualities of Redhaven plus added brightness and sizing ability. Excellent for freezing. Reliable cropper; cold hardiness is equal to Redhaven. Starts to ripen midway in the Redhaven season; can be harvested

with fewer pickings. Ripens 24 days before Elberta.

Popular fresh market variety. Large size fruit that is a freestone, round to irregular shape. Skin color is 75% to 100% red

blush. Flesh is yellow, streaked with red, superb flavor. It is very firm, stores well and is an excellent shipping peach.

Because of the firmness it can be picked just twice. Strong, vigorous, heavy-bearing, self-fruitful tree.

Red Globe

A large, round freestone. Skin is highly blushed red over golden yellow background. Firm, yellow flesh has excellent flavor. Complete absense of red in the flesh makes it an outstanding canning peach. Bruise resistant, good shipper. Good quality. Trees are vigorous and productive. 

Red Baron
Red Baron peach is a large, firm freestone. The flesh is a beautiful yellow. This peach is a favorite in Southern California and Texas, and has a low chill requirement at 250-300 hours. Harvests midseason. 

Medium, nearly fuzzless fruit, color is a beautiful red and golden yellow. Flesh is firm, smooth textured and fine-flavored, becomes freestone as it ripens. Excellent for dessert, canning and freezing. Vigorous, strong growing, self-fertile tree bears young.


Red Top 

Ripens in early July. Skin is red and has little to no fuzz; flesh is yellow. High quality, very firm texture. Freestone. Self-fruitful. Sweet, creamy taste. Medium fruit size. 


Cross between J.H. Hale and Elberta. Large size fruit. Freestone. Skin is mostly covered by red blush with a yellow background; yellow flesh. Firm texture. Non-browning flesh. High quality for eating, canning, freezing, and shipping. Tree is vigorous, fast growing, productive, dependable, hardy; must be carefully trained and pruned. Bacterial spot resistant. Ripens two days before Elberta.


Skin is nearly fuzzless, yellow with red blush; yellow flesh. Round. Self-fruitful. Ripens with Redhaven.


Cross between Meredith and Minn. Medium size fruit. Skin has dull red blush with yellow background; bright yellow flesh. Medium soft, juicy texture. Sweet flavor. Freestone. Good for canning, freezing, and fresh market. Tree is vigorous, fast-growing, self-fruitful, hardy. 

This peach gives growers a beautiful, high quality peach for the early season. Fruit is 80% bright orange-red, with a slight

stripe, firm and averages 2 1/2" and larger. The flesh is firm and melting with a pleasing sugar-acid ratio. Risingstar® is non-browning and semi-freestone. This excellent cropper has very few split pits and matures between Garnet Beauty and Redhaven. It will require diligent thinning most years because of its very hardy buds and blossoms. The tree is of medium

vigor, hardy and productive with good resistance to bacterial spot and peach canker. Risingstar® is very uniform in size and coloring and matures in two or three pickings.

Ripens with Redhaven and is a large, round, very beautiful peach with 80% rich red color over a subtle striped background.

The flesh is medium yellow with wonderful flavor. The 2 3/4" - 3" fruits are firm for shipping and have a slight attachment to

the pit with very few split pits. The tree is spreading and very hardy with good resistance to canker and bacterial spot.

Fruit is large, firm freestone with medium red blush covering 80% of the surface. Flesh is deep yellow, slightly coarse in

texture. Flavor is excellent for both fresh market and canning. Tree is vigorous, productive and self-fertile. It is a top quality selection for mid-season. Ripens ten days after Redhaven.

Sierra Lady

Freestone. Medium to large size fruit. Tree has medium vigor and is highly productive. Fine textured. Good flavor, excellent eating quality. Ripens 2 weeks before O'Henry. 


Clingstone. Skin is 60% red with yellow background; yellow flesh. Round shape, medium size. Good flavor. Tree is self-fruitful. Ripens 51-52 days before Elberta. 


Heavy annual cropper that provides high tonnage per acre with several pickings. It has large, 2 ¾", solid bright orangish-red fruit that ripens 5 days after Redhaven. The flesh is clear yellow with some red around the small pit. Starfire has great

shipping qualities and firmness. It is a very consistent cropper. The tree is strong, spreading and very hardy with excellent resistance to bacterial spot and canker. This variety is a real star.


Freestone. Skin is yellow. Large size fruit. Sweet and flavorful. Great for canning, freezing, or fresh market. Tree is self-fruitful. Harvests in late season. 

Summer Lady
A distinct variety of peach tree, denominated "Summer Lady", producing freestone fruit similar to that of the O' Henry peach

but ripening one week to ten days earlier under the same cultural practices.


Large, round freestone, attractive that colors to about 80% bright red blush over yellow background. Flesh is yellow and exceptionally firm with good texture and flavor. Vigorous, self-fruitful, productive trees have a good hardiness record where tested in Eastern sites. Good shipper that is proving to be a good commercial market peach.


Freestone. Large size fruit. Very attractive. Skin has light fuzz and is 100% red over yellow background; flesh is yellow. Firm, high quality texture. Tree is vigorous, upright, strong, bacterial spot resistant. Ripens 20 days before Elberta. 

Tropic Snow

Freestone white peach. This variety has a nice balanced blend of acid and sugar. It harvests early, and has a low chill requirement at 200 hours. 

Zee Lady

A delicious yellow-fleshed peach that is large in size and firm. Skin is red over yellow. Sweet with mild acidity. Tree is a heavy producer and ready for harvest in mid to late August.

Peach Ripening Chart
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