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Peach Tree Rootstocks

Krymsk® 86 (USPP# 16272) 
Peach/plum hybrid. Tree size similar to Lovell. Tolerant to wet and heavy soils. Cold hardy and high PH tolerance.
Precocious. Increases fruit size and yield with strong root system. Performs well on replant sites.



The Bailey rootstock is very a reliable, cold hardy rootstock that produces uniform trees that are medium to large in size with reliable yields and good yield efficiency. It is a reliable rootstock that is popular in northern climates and can withstand severe winters.


An almond and plum hybrid rootstock. Yields are highly productive and produces nicely sized fruit. Adapts well to various climate conditions. Highly resistant to root-knot. Perfect for alkaline clay soils but not well suited for sandier soils with high sodium.

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