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Pistachio Tree Rootstocks

Platinum (USPP# 14,706 P3)

An advanced and patented clonal selection of P. integerrima x P. atlantica. Selected for superior vigor, salt tolerance and cold tolerance. Otherwise similar to UCB-1 in most traits. Planted widely over the last 7-10 years. Platinum™ is the only pistachio rootstock never associated with “Bushy Top” Syndrome!

UCB-1 Rootstock

UCB-1 is the short name for University of California Berkeley #1 hybrid pistachio rootstock, invented by Dr. Lee Ashworth of the UCB Department of Plant Pathology. It is a hybrid of pistacia atlantica x P. integerrima. Both parents are homozygous and produce hybrid seedlings with a minimum of variability. 


UCB-1 is a superior hybrid for its disease resistance, salt and cold tolerance and vigor. One of the most popular rootstocks for new pistachio plantings, typically planted in spring and field budded 3-4 months later or planted in summer or fall and field budded the following spring.

We offer UCB-1 as both clonal and seeded plants:

  • UCB-1 Clonal
    A clonal selection of UCB-1, lab produced by tissue culture, which is currently the most widely planted and most tested clone of UCB-1 in the industry. Preferred by growers seeking all the advantages of UCB-1 together with clonal uniformity.


  • UCB-1 Seeded
    All of our seeded UCB-1 is starts with seed grown in our own on-site certified hybrid UCB-1 orchard. We follow the exact same protocols as UC Davis Foundation Plant Services UCB-1 Hybrid Orchard. Special hand-pollination procedures are required to produce this seed because the parents do not bloom simultaneously. The greenhouse protection of the seed source trees and the hand-pollination methods all but eliminate any unwanted hybridization from other pollen sources. Our quality seed germinates well and results in uniform plants with very low variability.

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