Black Splendor

Clingstone. Ripens early June. Medium to large size fruit. Skin is blue/black;flesh is red to dark red. Productive. 

Dapple Dandy Interspecific Plum

Distinctive skin is yellow to green with red patches; pink flesh. Spicy plum-apricot balanced flavor. Harvests mid to late season. 

Elephant Heart
Very Large. Blood red Skin. Red flesh, excellent flavor-one of the best. Freestone. Fast growing. Needs a pollinizer such as Beauty or Santa Rosa. Requires 650 hours of chilling below 45 F. Ripens: August into September. Ripens approximately 8/10.


Large plums with nearly freestone red flesh and a small pit. Glossy maroon over green skin. Sweet, juicy, firm and delicious with pleasantly tart skin. Low chill hours, good choice for milder climates. Also known as Improved Satsuma. 

Large, solid red skin and flesh. Firm, rather juicy. Great taste. Needs a pollinizer, such as Santa Rosa or Beauty. Requires 300 hours of chilling below 45 F. Ripens: Late July to early August.


Santa Rosa
Superior quality flesh makes Santa Rosa the most widely grown plum. Purple-red skin surrounds rich, tart, fragrant, yellow flesh. Prolific, vigorous, self-fertile. Low chill.


This tree produces a medium-size yellow plum that ripens early and is very juicy. The tree is hardy and very productive. Ripens approximately 6/10.


Cross between Agen and Grand Duke. European plum. Medium to large size fruit; oval-shaped. Skin is dark blue; flesh is yellowish-green. Texture is firm, tender, fine-grained. Freestone. Sweet, rich, flavor. Great for fresh market, canning, preserves, and drying. Tree is large, productive, self-fertile, vigorous, and spreading. Ripens early September. 


Japanese and American hybrid. Large size fruit. Golden skin turns pink, then develops a red blush. Texture is firm, fine; peels like peach skin. Clingstone. Tree is vigorous, hardy, fast-growing, and large. Good for fresh market or preserves. 

Plum Varieties

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