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Prune Tree Rootstocks

Clonal Rootstocks

Krymsk® 86 (USPP# 16272)

Peach/plum hybrid. Tree size similar to Lovell. Amazing root strength and outstanding anchorage.Tolerant to wet and heavy soils. Cold hardy and high PH tolerance. Precocious. Increases fruit size and yield with strong root system. Performs well on replant sites.


Myro 29C

Roots tend to be intermediate depth, good vigor. Medium to heavy soil. Wide range of soil and moisture types. Less suckering than Marianna 26-24. Susceptible to Bacterial canker.


M40 Marianna (USPP# 11403)

It has been observed that Marianna M40 has good wet soil tolerance, with the potential for better anchorage and reduced sucker production. The M40 may eventually displace 26-24 and other plum rootstocks. 


‘MP-29′ expresses resistance to Armillaria root rot and has as good resistance to peach tree short life (PTSL) as Guardian™ rootstock. Peach scions that have been budded to ‘MP-29′ have displayed similar trunk cross-sectional areas as ‘Sharpe’ rootstock with higher yields of larger fruit, which increases yield efficiency.


Very tolerant of wet soils induces early dormancy in dry soil. Very winter hardy. Resists root-knot nematodes. Includes heavy bearing at a young age.

Viking is an inter-specific hybrid that is vigorous, productive, early blooming and somewhat tolerant of

wet soil conditions. ‘Viking’ tolerates saline soil conditions, and alkaline soil conditions, but is intolerant

of dehydration during transplanting. It is also resistant to Root knot nematode and less susceptible to bacterial canker.    


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